Deconstructing Sexual Assaulters

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      The composition of the offender
      Citing the statistics of World Health Organization, a UN report last year after the survey on child abuse shows that 150 million girls and 73 million boys (both under 18) experienced forced sex and other forms of sexual violence in 2002. The report also points out that domestic sexual abuse exists in various countries. In 21 countries, most of which are industrialized, as many as 36 percent of women and 29 percent of men said they were sexually abused in childhood.


      According to the survey, more than 85% of child sexual assaults occur among acquaintances such as neighbors, schools, friends, relatives, and even parents. In Hong Kong, a survey on sexual predators found that fathers accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 21%, and friends or classmates also reached 19%. In recent years, there have been many cases of "father raped daughter and teenager raped classmates" exposed by the media.

      Why do they sexually abuse children?

      A. Having been sexually assaulted as a child, forming an angry personality
      Foreign surveys have shown that many abusers have been sexually abused in childhood, which prompted them to develop anger, change their personality, and then abuse other children.
      B. Pedophilia
      Paedophiles have both males and females, but most of them are males. The targets of most patients are children between the ages of 6 and 13; some are children or infants under the age of 5. 

      C. ignorant idea

      They crazily believe there are some miraculous effects after having sex with children.